Atlantis Crew

The Atlantis is a research vessel owned by the United States Navy and operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). Atlantis is designed to house and launch the Alvin, a human occupied submersible. Together, Atlantis and Alvin carry out state-of-the-art research expeditions worldwide, with their most recent cruise set in the East Pacific Rise of the Pacific Ocean.

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Joey Daigle


Luke Barker

Chief Mate

Kenny Beaver

Second Mate

Brian Caldwell

Third Mate

Kyle Habert

Communication Electronics Technician

Clindor Cacho


Lance Williams

Able-Bodied Seaman

Kevin Martin

Able-Bodied Seaman

Mike Sessa

Able-Bodied Seaman

Alex Alexander

Ordinary Seaman

Chaz Clements

Ordinary Seaman

Fnu Alemnji Aminkeng

Ordinary Seaman

Bob Ring

Chief Engineer

Brady MacLeod

First Assistant Engineer

Paul Ruh

Second Assistant Engineer

Ethan Logan

Third Assistant Engineer

Ryan Gregory


Niki Huffman


Austin Fitzgerald


Susan Swartz


Alyssa Ray

Mess Attendant